Capital Deals

Capital Deals is a bike shop based in St. Paul, MN. The site's bold block text and redesigned logo reinforces what this business is about: Getting everyone on a bike. Site features a responsive Bootstrap design.

*Spark Haus Vintage

*Spark Haus Vintage is the landing page and main hub for business owner, designer, and curator, Kellie Hill. The simple and elegant design reflects Kellie's passion for Mid-century Modern aesthetic.

Kill Palace

Kill Palace is an alt-rock band from Minneapolis, MN. Their site has a simple and responsive layout. The rusty pallette and sleek logo design embodies this band's heavy sound, and clever songwriting.


ガチャ or gacha is Japanese for capsule toy. This site is a concept for a responsive landing page for an app that lets users collect, find, and trade different gachas around Japan. Interactive buttons on the page allows visitors to find out more about this app's different features.